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All Those Lies – A new single out by Christian-pop artist Spenser Olson

Summary: Spenser Olson is an American contemporary Christian music singer and songwriter.

Spenser Olson - All Those Lies Album Cover

Releasing January 6, Spenser and featured artist/songwriter Allen Corrigan, All Those Lies, is a brand new single by Spenser Olson that will breathe a fresh wind into music lovers' lives. This new release from Olson brings a fun beat to a topic everyone must remember daily.

The song was written from the personal emotions that can come along with either oneself or others speaking negativity and lies about their life.

Speaking to the media, Spenser Olson said, “Life is hard, and there is no reason for us to make it any harder on ourselves. We need to stay positive and trust in the one who holds all things together; He already knows tomorrow. Shut out the negativity and the jealousy - stay focused on your calling.”

Spenser Olson hanging on fence

About Spenser Olson

Spenser Olson is an American contemporary Christian music singer and songwriter. He released his first full-length album (Your Love for Us) in mid-2016, which has since been heard in over 70 countries. Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, on February 3rd of 2002, Spenser started leading worship services and writing music at his local church at the young age of twelve years old. Spenser continued to push the boundaries, regardless of his age, and perform on high levels. Olson went on to compete in New York City, amongst other contestants more than 3x his age, for songwriting with his song “Golden World”.

Spenser completed his high school education online at Liberty University. Spenser’s surrendered life and commitment to leading his generation in worship is prominent, and the calling on his life is indisputable. Today, Spenser continues to produce music alongside his company Studio Sixteen Music Group, as well as releasing his own projects, such as "Ur The One" in June 2022. Olson currently resides in Birmingham, AL.

About the single All Those Lies.

Artist: Spenser Olson

Song Title: All Those Lies (feat. Allen Corrigan)

Release Date: 01/06/2023

Genre: Gospel/Christian – Pop

Media Contact

Company Name: Studio Sixteen Music Group, LLC

Contact Person: Spenser Olson


Country: United States

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