About Spenser

Spenser Olson is an American contemporary Christian music singer and songwriter. He released his first full length album (Your Love for Us) in mid 2016, which has since been heard in over 70 countries. As a leader ushering people into the presence of God through worship; As a musician lifting high praises to the King; And as a songwriter and producer birthing new songs and sounds to further and glorify the kingdom of Jesus Christ, Spenser Olson thrives to reach his generation, and transform lives through the Gospel. Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, Spenser started leading and writing music at his local church at the young age of twelve years old. Spenser continued to push the boundaries, regardless of his age, and perform on high levels. Spenser’s surrendered life and commitment to leading his generation in worship is prominent, and the calling on his life is indisputable. 

Spenser Olson Pink and Blue Portrait
Singer Spenser Olson tounge out
Spenser Olson singer Motion Blur