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About Spenser

Spenser Olson is an American Christian singer, songwriter, and producer. Known for bringing new life to pop music, blurring the lines between genres, and his thought provoking lyrics. Olson's first release dates back to 2013. He later released his first full length album (Your Love for Us) in mid 2016, which has since been heard in over 70 countries. Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, Spenser started leading and writing music at his local church at the young age of twelve years old. Spenser has continued to push the boundaries, regardless of his age, and perform on high levels. Spenser’s surrendered life and commitment is prominent, and the calling on his life is indisputable. Spenser's drive, not only in the entertainment industry, as well as other entrepreneurial avenues is evident. Currently, Spenser produces music with his label Studio Sixteen Music Group, while continuing to make impacts with his own new music, such as recent singles  "All Those Lies" in January 2023 and "Choose to Stay" in May 2024. 

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