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Choose to Stay

Spenser Olson // 2024

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Love, breaking through the shadows

Bringing down the tower 

Of, all the darkest parts of

everything that comes up


Pre Chorus

Everybody trying to pull me away

They trying to drown my faith

Tryna see how much I take


Why you always being so fake

I’m fixing to stay in my lane

I don’t wanna live without you



In the chaos, you’re my peace

In your presence, I can sleep

Through the battle, through the noise

You’re my shelter, my only choice


You’re the hope that carries me through

And with you, there’s nothing I can’t do

By your grace, I found my way

Every moment, I choose to stay



You can never separate this bond

Pull hard enough until you think it’s gone

I’ll never give in, my weakness made strong

Your love carries me all the way


Pre Chorus

Everybody trying to ruin my day

Always tryna steal my game

They tryna see if I cave, in


Why you gotta be so lame

I’m fixing to praise all day

I don’t wanna live without you

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